Arianova Natalia V.

Dentist-periodontist Arianova Natalia Viktorovna

Graduated from national medical University. Of NMU in 2003 with a degree dentist.

Specialty activities:

  • Complex professional oral hygiene (Air-flow, Scalling, Vector)
  • Professional teeth whitening.
  • Treatment of periodontal disease.
  • PRP in periodontal disease.
  • PRP in cosmetic procedures

Participated in seminars and courses:

  • "Teeth whitening" 2017
  • "Regenerative periodontics:Suchasnist I into the future" 2015
  • "Professional hygiene and individual prevention as a mandatory step in the comprehensive reference for every dental patient" 2015
  • "Chirurgy periodontics. Churcn methods treatment zakhvoryuvan the periodontium" 2014
  • "Clinical application and scientific principles of The Vector Method" 2008

The statistics of Dr. Arianova Natalia

Number of consultations: over 200 for the year

The number of professional cleanings teeth: more than 400 for the year

The number of VECTOR treatments: over 100 per year

The number of procedures plazmolifting: more than 200 for the year

Achievements and certificates doctor Arianova Natalia