Dentistry «DENTA UA» near the metro station Slavutich in Kyiv has existed for several years. Over the years, our dental center has earned well-deserved prestige thanks to the quality and availability of professional services of dentists.

Professional dental services in Kyiv:

  • Treatment of caries involves removal of the softened / infected dentine with the subsequent installation of the seal. We used modern composite materials, so the tooth will look natural and will retain their functionality for a long time.
  • Restoration of teeth - is used in the absence of a significant part of bone tissue. The price depends on many factors, therefore, are calculated individually and will be announced after examination by a specialist.
  • Therapy root canal - allows you to quickly get rid of a toothache. Used with pulpitis - inflammation of the nerve.
  • Prosthetics allows to restore missing teeth using various techniques. To provide this service in dentistry, there are different types of crowns and implants.
  • Orthodontic treatment allows to restore the normal bite and align the dentition. For these purposes, our dentists use mouth guards and braces, which are widely used for children and adults.
  • Prevention includes diagnosis and professional teeth cleaning of plaque and Tartar. To prevent the occurrence of serious dental diseases.
  • Cosmetic dentistry - teeth whitening, use rhinestones for decoration. Gives you the opportunity to become the owner of the Hollywood smile.
  • Periodontal treatment - a branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease, with signs of periodontal diseases faced by 85% of adults and 65% of children.

Qualified specialists of our center will help You in the treatment of all common dental diseases using the latest equipment. Will provide a full consultation and all necessary guidance regarding the treatment and prevention of diseases.

The website listed prices for dental services in Kyiv, and more information can be obtained from the administrator. Everyone the art of dentistry "ДЕНТА.UA" we are ready to provide professional advice.

Need a good dentist in Kyiv? Then you have come to the right place, because in DENTA.UA the best professionals in dentistry. Enough to make an appointment for the dentist to completely remove the discomfort in the teeth, to restore function of the dentition and to regain the aesthetic appeal of the smile. Provide quality services, but the prices we are below the average in Kyiv. In dentistry "ДЕНТА.UA" doctors of all available to date trends in dentistry that will allow you to have a full range of services in one place.

The basic principles of dentists «DENTA UA»:

The high qualification of doctors - the main priority of the clinic. Already at the first visit you will be able to do proper research and get proper advice and medical treatment.

The quality system of medical services is under constant control of the management of the clinic. Quality of care is the primary target function and criterion of activity of the medical center "ДЕНТА.UA".

Information support of treatment. The patient will receive all necessary information about the plan and prognosis of treatment. The results of the analyses carried out in the clinic, the doctor explained and handed out.

Modern equipment. Medical center equipped with necessary modern equipment, allowing to carry out various types of research, as well as emergency and routine treatment of patients.

Reliable laboratory base allows to carry out any laboratory tests, make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the optimal treatment.

Transparent pricing policy - the patient before the treatment knows the cost of necessary investigations and treatment. All questions on the prices negotiated in advance with the doctor. There is a possibility of selection of alternative treatment cost.

Convenient location, a few minutes from the metro station "Slavutich" and there is a possibility of car Parking in the residential complex "Zarechniy".

Convenient for visiting work schedule - from 900 to 2000 seven days a week. And the ability to contact the doctor at any time.

Entrust the health of your teeth professionals - make an appointment at the dental clinic «DENTA UA» right now!