Dental restoration, cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry today is experiencing a real boom, because the "Hollywood smile" has become one of the main indicators of success of the person and his attention to their appearance. Hollywood smile has become a reality through the use of new techniques in dentistry and everyone at our clinic DENTA.UA will be able to realize his cherished dream — shiny white teeth and forget about their complexes, associated with blackened jagged teeth.

Photopolymer restoration of teeth, cosmetic dentistry

Photopolymer restoration of teeth, teeth whitening, jewelry for teeth in the dental clinic Denta.UA

In many patients, cosmetic dentistry is associated with teeth whitening procedure. Note that the teeth whitening and other procedures that are part of the aesthetic dentistry must be made a qualitative treatment of teeth and elimination of problems associated with gum disease. This is the most important phase, which helps to make the teeth and gums in order to prepare the ground for bleaching and tooth restoration.

Professional teeth whitening is methods such as chemical, laser and whitening, whitening ultrasound and bleaching Air-Flow method.

One of the priorities of our clinic is beauty and aesthetics. Very often people suffer from a chipped tooth. Agree, constantly experiencing discomfort with a smile and a chat, You deprive yourself of the pleasure of actively negotiating, photos and video, and just full of talking.

Don't limit!

In modern dentistry is the solution to Your problem — the aesthetic restoration of a tooth composite materials (renovations, extensions).

In which cases is the aesthetic restoration of teeth?

Restoration shall be the teeth that are discolored, and partially destroyed as a result of injuries and various diseases.

How is the restoration of teeth?

Dentist is like the sculptor directly in the mouth of a patient in layers reproduces the coronal part of the tooth with the help of special restorative materials light-cured. The combination of different colors and the careful restoration of the anatomy of the damaged tooth allows to obtain a perfect restoration of Your restored teeth are indistinguishable from natural!

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