Periodontitis treatment, VECTOR-therapy, plazmolifting

Periodontics - branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases. We have to talk about the prevalence of periodontal diseases. The world health organization estimates that with signs of periodontal diseases faced by 85% of adults and 65% of children.Especially dangerous periodontics teeth with no symptoms at the beginning and in the early stages of the disease. The most common gum disease in Periodontology - periodontitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease.

Periodontitis treatment, VECTOR-therapy, PRP,

Vector-therapy, curettage, treatment of periodontitis, periodontal disease, treatment of bruxism, contouring

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Causes of development of periodontal disease

Causes of development of periodontal diseases can be local and General.

Local causes are the problems:

  • Poor hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • Injury to the gums due to the effect of sharp edges of teeth or dentures;
  • Error when installing fillings, crowns, dentures;
  • Malformations of the lips, frenulum of tongue;
  • The harmful habits.

Common factors include:

  • Tobacco Smoking;
  • Impaired immunity;
  • Diseases of the blood;
  • Infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis C, syphilis);
  • Problems hormone metabolism (diabetes etc.);
  • Diseases of the digestive tract;
  • Side effects of drugs.

Indications for periodontal treatment

Periodontics in dentistry involves the treatment advice of a dentist if the following problems:

  • The formation of plaque and Tartar on the tooth surface;
  • Odor from the mouth;
  • Exposure of the tooth neck;
  • The appearance of bleeding gums during tooth brushing;
  • Tooth mobility, change their situation.

The main treatment methods in Periodontology

Effective periodontics in dentistry provides for mandatory compliance with the recommendations and doctor's prescriptions. Beginning treatment getting getting rid of traumatic factors, with professional oral hygiene. Conducted a course of anti-inflammatory therapy and medication to get rid of the problems of inflammation, swelling, reducing bleeding gums.

One of the most effective treatments in periodontics teeth is vector therapy (vector) along with medical treatment.

Services periodontics in

Services periodontics is an important direction in DENTA.UA provides individual approach to each problem.

Careful diagnosis, formulation of treatment and recommendations for prevention will ensure and stabilise the result in the short term.

Leave past issues of pain, bleeding gums and bad breath — take care of your health and confidence today.

Vector-therapy in the treatment of periodontitis

Until recently, the only radical method of treatment of periodontal tissues was surgery, that is surgery. Now on doctor-periodontist come medical technologies in XXI century, one ultrasonic unit VECTOR, which allows in many cases to avoid surgery in the treatment of periodontal tissues.

VECTOR transmits ultrasound energy so that the dentist can work controlling your actions. When using the tools of the "VECTOR" carried out the only motion is linear, parallel to the surface and root, the energy of tool gently served in periodontal pockets through hydroblock (hydrodynamic effects). Periodontal pockets are intensively treated and washed. During this process, the particles of suspension used work as toothpaste, removing hard dental tissue and pathological tissue (granulation), even from the most difficult areas.

The feature of the system "VECTOR" is a gentle removal of bacterial biofilms and dental plaque using indirect binding of ultrasonic energy. There is no damage to the hard tissues and do not injure the soft tissue. And thanks to a suspension, containing microparticles of calcium hydroxyapatite, greatly increases the efficiency of cleaning the root. The result is a smooth, clean roots surfaces and a significant reduction of bacteria that leads to a rapid and successful treatment.

Simultaneously with the removal of plaque on the tip of the tool is supplied a suspension of calcium hydroxyapatite which not only polishes the tooth root, but also promotes rapid healing of gum tissue after hygienic procedures, strengthens bone tissue, increasing its resistance to infection.

It is importantthat the gum treatment apparatus VECTOR is the only alternative for the hygiene of dentures and implants. Tissue inflammation around the implant is one of the main problems of implantology.

The VECTOR system best suited to remove plaque, bacteria and biofilm from the surfaces of implants without damaging in the process of handling sensitive materials and superconstructions.

The advantages of using the VECTOR

Thanks to the calcium contained in the suspension:

  • closes the pores of the enamel or Nude dentinal tubules in the cervical area of the teeth;
  • as a consequence, reduces or eliminates tooth sensitivity to different stimuli (cold, hot, sour, sweet).

Treatment of periodontal unit VECTOR is:

  • Painless. Patients choosing the treatment of periodontitis the VECTOR system typically without anesthesia.
  • Noninvasive. Treatment with the VECTOR system does not injure the teeth, do not grind the enamel;
  • Very effective in the early stages of the disease;
  • Avoids a difficult and traumatic operation.

After professional hygiene care will become easier, and the stones for quite a long time will be formed.

VECTOR — a revolution in the treatment of periodontal disease. VECTOR combines all modern methods of complex treatment of periodontitis and periodontal disease and is the newest achievement in the field of dental technology. VECTOR allows to reduce considerably the time of treatment of patients and to achieve long-term favorable prognosis.

VECTOR allows you to radically sanitize periodontal pocket painless and without soft tissue damage. Using the apparatus treatment is performed in the following way: the root surface of the tooth and mucous membrane of the gums are released from subgingival calculus and bacteria. VECTOR penetrates into inaccessible areas of the oral cavity, helps to eliminate bleeding gums and remove bad breath.

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