Prices drop

  • Bleaching discount - 10%
  • 10% discount on photopolymer fillings (made in Japan, Germany, USA)
  • Therapeutic services for ATO participants are free of charge
  • 5% family discount on orthopedic services

Special promotions and loyalty DENTA.UA

1 -10% discount on treatment for medium or deep caries

The promotional offer includes:

  • consultation of the dentist with the appointment of treatment and recommendations for the care of the oral cavity
  • caries treatment and installation of photopolymer fillings (manufactured in the USA, Japan, Germany)

2 -5% discount for residents of the residential complex "Zarechny"

-10% discount for combatants

There is a permanent discount of -5%.

3 -10% discount for combatants

The discount is valid from the moment of the first visit and applies to all types of services: therapy, surgery, orthopedics. X-rays are free. To obtain a discount, you must present a certificate of participation in the hostilities.

Family discount -10%

4 Family discount -10%

Bring your family members for treatment: parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and get a family discount of -10%.

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