Teeth removal, sinus lift, dental implants

From all areas of dentistry surgery is one of the most important. In the public mind surgery is associated primarily with the extraction of teeth. However, modern surgical dentistry is not limited to this, and contains a complex of different methods aimed at preserving the patient's teeth. And if before many of inflammation, tumors, congenital or acquired defects of character were considered intractable problems, today's medicine knows many ways designed to restore the teeth health, and smile — attractive appearance.

Bridle correction

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Bridle correction in dentistry "ДЕНТА.UA" Kyiv, Osokorky, (M) Slavutich
3,000 грн

PRF clot

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PRF clot in dentistry "ДЕНТА.UA" Kyiv, Osokorky, (M) Slavutich
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Teeth removal, sinus lift, dental implants

Surgical appointment with the dentist in the dental clinic Denta.UA

In the dental center DENTA.UA the following types of surgical procedures:

  • tooth-preserving surgery (resection of root of tooth, patchwork surgery);
  • removal of teeth and roots of various degrees of complexity;
  • excision and elimination oculocardiac bones;
  • surgery to remove tumors;
  • implantation;
  • procedures for bone augmentation.

Many patients believe that surgery is always associated with pain but this is an outdated judgment. Properly chosen dose of anesthesia makes all dental procedures completely painless. It should be understood that any surgery involves discomfort after the procedure when the anaesthetic ceases to act. Attending oral surgeon will advise you on means to better healing of damaged tissues, and if necessary, prescribe the anesthetic.

The cost of surgical treatment teeth

Surgical treatment in the dental center DENTA.UA performed by a talented specialist of high qualification with the latest developments in the field of medicine. Advanced equipment in our clinic allows to carry out complex manipulations with the maximum efficiency and safety for the patient.

As the price of services of dental surgery, then it will depend, primarily, from the surgery and equipment used. In addition, the calculation takes the complexity of a particular case, the need for additional medical procedures, anesthesia and other factors.

Dental implants

In modern dental implantology is rapidly developing and is the main type of dental prosthetics.

Features of treatment planning

A dental implant is the event of a serious and responsible, requiring the patient's physical and mental preparation. Our clinic is implantology in Kiev, at the initial stage of conducting the consultation, which examines each particular clinical case. In the dental center "DENTA.UA" you will spend:

Examination of the dentition. The process involves advanced equipment for computer tomography and radiography.

Sanitation of the oral cavity. This stage includes the treatment of, for example, caries all the necessary procedures. Discovered periodontitis provides a therapeutic or surgical intervention. Preparation of the oral cavity to the implant must pass effectively to avoid problems.

Orthopaedic training. The presence of various structures that require replacement, will be an obstacle for the implantation of teeth. The important point is the compatibility of the materials. It is unacceptable presence in the oral cavity Nickel-metal products and titanium implant. This leads to corrosion. Therefore, a need for metals which have similar properties.

Dental implants in Kiev: how it happens?

The process includes the following steps:

Surgical. Using local anesthesia, the doctor makes into the jaws of the notch, and inserts the implant. The mucosa is closed and merging with the bone tissue. The period of implantation in the lower jaw is 3 months, on the top — 6.

The installation of abutment. You need to prepare the soft tissue at the site of installation of the artificial tooth to the crowns did not differ from natural teeth. In the implant for a couple of days enter the abutment. Later it was changed to a titanium abutment.

Prosthetics. On the basis of the dental impression are made of ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns. Its color and shape can be corrected.

Implantation takes a considerable period of time, but it is well worth the effort. Beautiful and strong teeth are no different from the real thing.

Artificial teeth, visually similar to the real thing, are the formation of plaque and calculus, which should be promptly removed.

To clean them you can brush and paste. It is important not to forget about doctor visits, at least 1 time in six months. The area where the face of the head of the implant and crowns, becomes the border of bone tissue and oral cavity. The oral cavity with the presence of microbes and volatile environment poses a risk of infection, the area where the implant is located. Therefore, to control all the negative things you must constantly. In the Arsenal of professionals a range of innovative ways.

Removal of teeth without pain

It often happens that all the efforts aimed at the preservation and treatment of the tooth, powerless. Unfortunately, this happens more often than one would like — and, therefore, to ensure the most comfortable and painless of a process in the clinic DENTA.UA there are special rules by which we remove teeth.

Want the procedure of removing the tooth was a simple procedure, and did not inspire horror? Then you should come to us. But before that, let's make sure whether your tooth needs to be removed and in some cases shouldn't do.

Indications for removal of teeth

In dental practice there are few cases where the recommended treatment, and tooth extraction. These include:

  • disease and exacerbation of diseases of the teeth and gums, such as sinusitis of the maxillary sinuses, purulent periostitis;
  • cases when wisdom teeth interfere with normal life, eating scratch the inner surface of the cheeks or damage adjacent teeth;
  • swelling and a broken jaw in such a situation removes the teeth near the treatment area;
  • teeth through which deforms the entire dentition — this often occurs when improper bite
    if the tooth is not subject to a prosthesis or restoration;
  • cases when the tooth is interfering with the installation of crowns or another type of prosthesis.

Ie, tooth extraction is only recommended in severe cases when it may harm the health or others, healthy the teeth, hinder the treatment or cause insufficient treatment of the disease.

Should also know that there are cases when tooth removal is not recommended. These include the removal of teeth during exacerbation of chronic heart and mental diseases, acute infectious diseases and pregnancy at a certain time. In this case, it will have to wait the end of treatment or time required for tooth extraction.

How is a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction — a rather simple but very delicate procedure. We are well aware — and bothered to tooth extraction were:

  • painless. The patient is injected anesthetic, usually procaine or lidocaine. This is the most unpleasant part of the process of tooth extraction.
  • fast. To do this the doctor uses a special instruments — surgical or classic, depending on the type of the procedure of tooth removal. In the first case, the tooth is removed using a small incision of the gum or concealment of the dice, the second a little shaken, and quickly pulling a tooth;
  • without unpleasant consequences. After the procedure, the doctor will tell you that the recommended for fast healing process and what not to do to avoid problems.

That's all. In fact, tooth extraction is easier than it seems surgery and is virtually painless.

But not only rapid removal is the key to the discomfort and fast healing.

The main factor is proper care for the oral cavity and small hygiene after tooth extraction.

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