Inlays, veneers, dentures, crowns

A beautiful smile with straight teeth is an integral component of the attractiveness of modern man. What to do if after the injury or surgical treatment, it's not perfect? In this case shown as a complete replacement of aesthetic and chewing functions are included in the tasks of specialists in prosthetics. Their services remain the most demanded in dentistry. Constantly improving technology of prosthetics make up for the lack of one or several of them, and also help patients with edentulous lead a fulfilling lifestyle.

Inlays, veneers, dentures, crowns,

Lumineers, veneers, cultivee tabs, metal ceramic crowns, ceramic crowns, removable dentures, nylon dentures, partial dentures, permanent dentures, conditionally removable dentures

Why it is so important as soon as possible to put the prosthesis?

Of course, the ideal dental treatment can only be described the situation when the patient does not need prosthetics: that's why experts recommend that even if there are no complaints to visit the clinic twice a year. However, the necessity of installation of the prosthesis occurs because of delayed treatment, sometimes this is the result of trauma or simply the natural aging process in older patients.

Anyway, ignore the need of orthopedic treatment is not necessary: to put the dentures are recommended as soon as possible, because otherwise will begin atrophic changes in the jaw bone, the gradual displacement of the dentition and, therefore, will soon have malocclusion, diction, chewing function and other dental problems.

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Features of prosthetics of teeth

Each type of prosthesis has its own characteristics, let us briefly consider each of them.

The prosthesis of the front teeth requires more attention to the aesthetic side, as well as the shortest possible time. This is due to the fact that few patients can afford long walk with an obvious aesthetic flaw or "hole" instead of the tooth. Also the restoration of the upper front teeth requires the use of all-ceramic structures to avoid transmission of the metal through artificial enamel or exposure in pricesavvy region.

Prosthetic posterior teeth requires more attention to the functional side of the issue. It is permissible, and in some cases better metal, because the structural strength is more important than aesthetics. With regard to the prosthesis on implants, it is advisable to use a two-step methodology when first you put the implant and crown is only after complete osseointegration.

Prosthetic teeth in the upper jaw in the case of recovery after removal may require a prior sinus lifting. This is due to the close proximity of the maxillary sinuses (sinuses) at the roots of the upper teeth of the lateral parts. Sinus lift is a type of bone grafting allows you to raise the bottom of the maxillary sinus and fill the empty space with bone tissue that will be used in fixation of the titanium tooth root.

Dentures: types and prices

We can say that types of dental prosthetics are only three: fixed, removable and combined.

The first kind of prosthetics is the final fixation of abutments in the oral cavity and its further constant wearing.

Varieties of fixed dentures teeth:

  • implants (design, simulating a tooth root, which after engraftment is established, the crown)
  • crowns;
  • bridges (several crowns connected together)
  • tabs from the quality of filling materials;
  • veneers (thin plates for exterior cladding).

The use of the two last varieties of dentures is important for patients who are not completely lost teeth, and are faced with their strong change of color or destruction. Crowns are still the main type of fixed prosthetics.

They can be made of:

  • metal;
  • sintered metal;
  • plastic;
  • metalloplastmassy etc.

The choice of material depends on the clinical picture, from requirements core requirements in aesthetics, and also from financial possibilities of the patient. Increasingly popular due to its versatility, biocompatibility and reliability are crowns, aluminium oxide and zirconium dioxide.

Removable prosthodontics involves the installation of detachable, conditionally detachable or partially detachable structures. The first actual fully edentulous. Most often they are made of acrylic.

Partial dentures are installed when the presence of a support can be:

  • prosthetics
  • nylon;
  • lamellar;
  • clasp, etc.

Conditionally removable dentures are presented dentures with telescopic fixation or locking, which allows you to remove a design for a short time (e.g. for cleaning).

Certainly, the use of dentures is difficult to name the best, but it is suitable in case of significant defects of the dentition. In addition, removable dentures are the best prices.

Finally, the combined prosthetics is realized by using structures that combine elements of fixed and removable prostheses. For example, to put the prosthesis can be based on the implanted implant.

The price of dentures depends on the type of prosthesis, the material from which it is produced, as well as the cost of manufacturing and installation of designs.

When choosing a clinic for dental prosthetics in Kiev it is important to pay attention not only to the favorable cost of services compared to the competitors but also the reputation of the medical institution. In addition, it is important to find out warranty on a set of dentures, and what techniques offer the clinic staff in each case.

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