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Sidorenko Sergey

Doctor-dentist-therapist Sidorenko Sergey Vladimirovich

Graduated from Kyiv medical University uanm, specialty "Therapeutic dentistry" in 2012

Specialty activities:

  • Complex professional oral hygiene (Air-flow, Scalling)
  • Fissure sealing
  • Treatment of caries
  • Treatment of pulpitis
  • Treatment of periodontitis
  • Art restoration of teeth
  • Owns the methods of restoration of teeth using modern restorative systems.

Participated in seminars and courses:

  • "Effective communication with patients" 2017
  • "Tools with shape memory" 2017
  • "Synergy of business and art in dentistry" 2017
  • "Seven steps on the road to successful obturation of root canals" 2016
  • "Full ceramic restorations" 2016
  • "Diagnostic tools in orthodontics" 2016
  • "Aesthetic restoration of front groups by the method of Style Italiano" 2015

The statistics of Dr. Sidorenko Sergey Vladimirovich

Number of consultations: more than 100 for the year

The number of installed seals: more than 400 for the year

The number of anesthesia: more than 300 for the year

The number of conducted professional hygiene of more than 300 for the year

The number of endodontic treated teeth: more than 100 for the year

The number of teeth with fissure sealing: more than 100 for the year

Achievements and certificates Dr. Sidorenko Sergey Vladimirovich