Dentistry "DENTA.UA" Kyiv, Osokorki, (M) Slavutich

Consultations, prevention and cleaning, dental treatment, surgery, implantation.

The best dentists in the residential complex "Zarechny"

Complete anesthesia for dental treatment, sterility of instruments, the latest treatment techniques, modern equipment, a close-knit team of professional doctors. The atmosphere of comfort and attention on the part of the staff is the DENTA.UA dentistry work style.

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Remember that you need to regularly visit the dentist, at least once every six months, to conduct an examination, carry out professional toothbrushing and in time to prevent diseases of the teeth and gums.

Dentistry on Osokorki Metro Slavutich

Dental treatment without pain in Kyiv

All the necessary range of services for you in one dental clinic thanks to the specialists of DENTA.UA, modern equipment and proven materials and technologies.

Стоматология «ДЕНТА.UA»

Dentistry «DENTA.UA»

"DENTA.UA" is a dental center that can solve any of your problems associated with teeth. The clinic is equipped with the latest equipment for dental procedures, which will make visiting a doctor painless.

Dentists with extensive experience, the latest materials for treatment, prosthetics, implantation, reasonable prices are at the patient’s service.

The best specialists of the dental clinic «DENTA.UA»

Sidorenko Sergey

a dental therapist


Ruslan Kaminski S.

dental surgeon, dentist, podiatrist


Arianova Natalia V.



Sirenko Sergey

the orthodontist of the highest category


Sakhno Alina Igorivna

orthopedic dentist, gnathologist


Klimkin Oleksandr Dmytrovych



Dentistry "DENTA.UA" in Kyiv

Dentistry "DENTA.UA" is proud of its specialists who really love their profession. Doctors constantly improve their personal professional level and medical knowledge by attending international and Ukrainian conferences, symposia and seminars. The primary task of each dentist is to find the optimal solution for each case, each patient and the competent implementation of this decision in life with the maximum use of their knowledge and experience. The best thanks for our medical team will be the happy and magical smiles of patients.

In the dental center "DENTA.UA" various promotions, price reductions and discounts on the prevention and treatment of teeth are constantly held, which you can learn about on the website or at the administrator by calling the numbers on our website and social networks.

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Following international standards

at every stage of diagnosis and treatment

The desire to provide the best service

on modern equipment

Qualifications and practical experience of doctors

solve almost any problem