Ruslan Kaminski S.

Dental surgeon, dentist, podiatrist Kaminsky Ruslan Stanislavovich

Graduated from the Kiev medical University uanm in 2006

Specialty activities:

  • Two-stage dental implants
  • Bone grafting
  • Surgical periodontics
  • Directed osteosynthesis
  • Complicated extraction of teeth
  • Ceramics (veneers, crowns, crowns based on Zirconia, press ceramic)
  • Aesthetic prosthetics on implants (metal, ceramic made of zirconium dioxide, individual abutments, metal-ceramic construction with standard abutment)
  • Manufacturer of pin designs
  • The manufacture of dental bridges of any complexity
  • Preparation of temporary structures.

Participated in seminars and courses:

  • "Magadana regeneration" 2017
  • "Dental implant planning with immediate loading of prosthetics" 2017
  • "The club implantology Ukraine" 2017
  • "Advanced Implant Education Program of 2017Dentium World Symposium in Barcelona" 2017
  • "Christmas in Lviv sustr: dagnostics strumenti in ortodont" 2016
  • "Introduction to gnathology" 2014
  • "Removing rececie the gums of the teeth and implants" 2013
  • "Implantologist practitioner (course 2)" 2013
  • "Sinus lifting: from ""a" to "z". Practical course" 2013
  • "Modern surgical methods of increasing bone volume" 2013
  • "Suchen aspect planuvannya TA clincin ATAPI samsennai defects the tooth row s vikoristannyam dentalna mplants" 2013
  • "Prosthetics reimplanted AZ, Buki, Vedi, Glagol' Dobro..." 2013
  • "Implantologist-practice" 2012
  • "Implantologist-practice" 2012
  • "Modern surgical techniques preimplantation reimbursement of the amount of bone atrophied alveolar process using osteoconductive material EasyGraft" 2012
  • "First steps in implantation. Implantation of the introduction to rehabilitation" 2012
  • "Initial therapy and chenotherapy in dentistry" 2012
  • "Innovative methods of Implant Dentistry" 2011
  • "Aesthetics in implantology. Modern concepts and sophisticated Adachi" 2011
  • "Diagnosis and treatment of pathology of occlusion" 2011
  • "Functional occlusion in ortodont. Principles gatalog in ortodontice lkwfan" 2011

The statistics of Dr. Kaminski Ruslan Stanislavovich


Number of consultations: more than 100 for the year

The number of extracted teeth: more than 200 for the year

The number of implantation: more than 200 for the year

The number of sinus lifting: more than 50 for the year

The amount of bone plastics: more than 50 for the year


Number of consultations: over 200 for the year

The number of installed veneers: more than 50 for the year

The number of installed crowns: more than 100 for the year

The number of manufactured prostheses: more than 50 for the year

Achievements and certificates Dr. Kaminski Ruslan Stanislavovich