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Prevention of teeth consists of a number of procedures. Some of them can be done independently and some will have to go to the dentist. The main way to keep your mouth healthy is personal hygiene and prophylaxis of teeth. It is important not to forget to brush your teeth twice a day, right to choose and regularly change toothbrush to make active use of antiseptic potions rinse. Often, however, this is not enough to keep teeth healthy.

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The removal of plaque from the teeth, AIR-FLOW, restore enamel, hygiene, teeth cleaning, whitening

Prevention of dental caries is primarily the eradication of causes, namely plaque and Tartar. Those will require professional help. Which you can obtain at the dental clinic DENTA.UA. In addition, we offer cleaning of the interdental spaces and bridges, polishing teeth, processing to reduce the sensitivity.

It is equally important to aware of preventive measures after tooth extraction. To the canal is not infected, you need to ensure that food debris does not remain in the place of the removed tooth, and regular exercise prescribed by the doctor rinse.

Most often, dental treatment in children is associated with many difficulties: small mouth, small teeth, and fear of children before the dentist. Therefore, prevention of dental caries in children is particularly important. You need to accustom your baby to the toothbrush and come on reception to the children's dentist at least once in 3 months.

One common mistake of adults is that the treatment of caries of deciduous teeth is optional, since the teeth are temporary. But do not forget that the presence of dental caries is in any case the infection that can later become the cause of many diseases, particularly dysfunction of the upper respiratory tract. Therefore, the caries of deciduous teeth and any dental disease in principle, requires the immediate intervention of a dentist. In this regard, the prevention of treatment of children's teeth is an important part of pediatric dentistry.

Prevention of dental caries in children

Prevention of dental caries in children — a pledge of healthy teeth in the future. Regular hygiene of the teeth begins with the birth of the child, as caries frequently affects the milk teeth. The disease threatens the destruction of the hard tissues of the teeth and other pathologies.

Tooth decay is the most common dental disease that affects baby teeth and. Therefore, prevention of caries of deciduous teeth — the actual problem is.

Experts call more than a hundred causes of dental caries. Most often, the impetus for the development of the disease give the following factors:

  • favorable for the development of caries microflora;
  • large amounts of carbohydrates. Prevention of dental caries in children includes a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. To prevent dental disease in children, it is necessary to limit the number of sweets, to eliminate night feeding. But changes in mode and composition of food should be gradual. It is advisable to harmonize them with the pediatrician;
  • unsatisfactory oral hygiene. Preventive dental treatment includes teeth cleaning, which is held in the morning and the evening. Toothbrush and paste need to choose based on the age of the child. After each hygiene the dental plaque from the enamel must be completely removed;

Hygiene and prophylaxis of teeth includes a visit to a pediatric dentist. Visit to the doctor every six months. If any unwanted color changes of tooth enamel, the presence of cavities and other pathologies that are symptoms of diseases of the teeth, parents should immediately show the child the dentist.

Prevention of teeth in dentistry includes a range of effective interventions, which strengthen and restore tooth enamel, the hard tissue of the teeth. For the treatment of teeth using special fluoride-containing preparations, gels. Professional care and regular hygiene will relieve a toothache, will help to keep teeth healthy.

Prophylactic cleaning of teeth using the apparatus "AIR-FLOW"

Hygienic procedure AIR-FLOW is one of the most effective and non-traumatic procedures in the prevention of the teeth, which will help you make fewer visits to the dental office.

Its essence lies in the fact that the special composition based on water, is fed under pressure through a special nozzle that eliminates plaque and easy to cope with dental stones, eliminates odor, and prepares the mouth to the treatments. Procedure AIR-FLOW will help to lighten the teeth without enamel tough action.

Polishing teeth

Tooth polishing with special pastes reduces the likelihood of plaque and hard dental deposits, prevents cracking, levels enamel. As a bonus, there is a slight effect of teeth whitening that makes your smile more beautiful.

Coating the tooth with hyperesthesia (sensitive teeth)

With tooth sensitivity a lot and, for some, the disease turns into a daily meal. Our dental clinic DENTA.UA will help you to get rid of this painful condition by applying on tooth enamel special strengthening of drugs, which deeply penetrate the tooth and therefore reduce its sensitivity.

Remineralizers therapy

Remineralization of enamel in the prevention of caries, the restoration of mineral structure tooth. Thanks to the application of special varnishes and coatings containing fluoride, phosphate and calcium — a tooth gets to the desired mineral components that eliminate excess sensitivity. Such prevention of teeth fills their health.