Sirenko Sergey

Dentist-orthodontist of the highest category Sirenko Sergey

Finished in 1995, Crimean state medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky, Simferopol. Member of the Association of orthodontists of Ukraine. Total work experience is 23 years.

Specialty activities:

  • Treatment of malocclusion in children and adults (anomalies of size and shape of the teeth, impacted teeth, supernumerary teeth) using fixed and removable devices
  • The use of braces (traditional and self), and transparent aligners (system EasyAlign)

The procedure being performed:

  • Orthodontic treatment with removable and fixed orthodontic appliances
  • Braces: conventional and self-ligating (self-ligating)
  • Treatment with transparent aligners (system EasyAlign)
  • Orthodontic preparation for prosthetics
  • The installation of microimplants

Participated in seminars and courses:

  • "TYECHNIQUE MEAW Class III high angle open bite" 2018
  • "Mini-implants for creating TADs in orthodontics" 2015
  • "Early interception of complex malocclusions with dentofacial ortopediks" 2015
  • "CCO tm System and Interdisciplinary Management of complex dental cases" 2015
  • "Typodont: III class Angle: differential diagnosis, peculiarities of formation of the facial skeleton, modeling of dental and alveolar arches of an integrated treatment using the technique of direct arc in the process of growth" 2015
  • "System prozora cap" 2014
  • "Initial therapy and chenotherapy in dentistry" 2013
  • "Diagnostics" 2013 curious and skeptical: Self-Ligation Orthodontics
  • "Active Self-ligation:10 yers later" 2013
  • 1-st Ukrainen orthodontic congress "New Technologies in Orthodontics" 2013
  • "10 Tipes for Tough Times/Self-Liganion A to Z" 2011
  • "DAMON SYSTEM: Low Force – Low Friction Revolution. Get your hands on it" 2005
  • "For the curious and skeptical:Self-Ligation Orthodontics" 2005
  • "Treatment of Open and Bite" 2002

The statistics of Dr. Sirenko Sergey Vasilyevich

Number of consultations: more than 300 for the year

A number of corrections: more than 1000 for the year

The number of installed braces: more than 50 for the year

The number of installed micro-implants: more than 20 for the year

The number of CVR installed: more than 30 for the year

The number of installed retainers: more than 50 for the year

Achievements and certificates Dr. Sirenko Sergey Vasilyevich