BioRepair Plus Pro White Toothpaste in «Denta.UA»
BioRepair Plus Pro White Toothpaste in «Denta.UA»

BioRepair Plus Pro White Toothpaste

BioRepair Plus Pro White professional toothpaste is a new addition to the BioRepair line of professional toothpastes. The unique formula of this paste combines an innovative patented PVP whitening copolymer and bioavailable hydroxyapatite nanoparticles (liquid enamel) in a patented microrepair 20% formula that is identical to enamel and dentine. Thanks to this, BioRepair toothpaste helps to strengthen enamel and dentin, treats the initial stage of caries and prevents its development, and eliminates tooth hypersensitivity.

255 грн
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When brushing toothpaste:

Fills microdamages, saturates with calcium and phosphorus ions, gives teeth a healthy, naturally white color and shine

Forms an ultra thin protective film on the surface of the teeth, prevents the influence of coloring agents such as tea, coffee, red wine

Reduces the formation of dental plaque, prevents the development of tartar

Maintains pleasant, fresh breath for a long time

Professional toothpaste BioRepair Plus Pro White gently and completely safely whitens to a natural white color and gives teeth a shine. Also ideally supports the result of a professional whitening procedure. Can be used with both conventional and electric toothbrushes.

Does not contain: fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, titanium dioxide, increased abrasiveness (RDA ≈ 60) and other harmful components

Age: 12+

Weight: 100g

Packing size: 16.5 x 4 x 5cm

Country of origin: Italy

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