Only high-quality products, high standards of service and efficiency are what are always in the focus of our activities. We use only certified products that give a predictable treatment result.

1. In-Ovation C braces are the world's first ceramic, self-ligating bracket system that guarantees precise control at each stage of treatment.

2.Metal self-ligating bracket-system In-Ovation R allows you to accelerate treatment by an average of 4 months due to the interactive system.

3. Lingual, self-ligating brace system In-Ovation L, In-Ovation L MTM provides effective treatment, predictable results, while being invisible to others.

4. Ovation C brackets are the result of the latest developments in traditional ceramic braces and provide the highest levels of precision and control.

Thanks to a wide range of quality orthodontic bows: steel, lingual, reverse and aesthetic bows, as well as SENTALLOY, RESOLVE, BIOFORCE bows, we can provide effective treatment.

Designed according to the best standards and time-tested devices MINISTAR, BІOSTAR, TWINSTAR will never let you down in quality.

We are happy when our client is satisfied, because we work according to the principle - trust multiplied by quality.