How to cheat dentists?

Alas, dishonest dental clinics exist in any city, and trying to extract from the patient the extra hundred hryvnia (sometimes thousands or tens of thousands). We offer you to look at several examples of how this happens.

1 the Doctor says that you have a lot of tooth decay, and old fillings must be changed, otherwise everything will become absolutely awful

While his words the doctor does not confirm and does not argue, and sometimes even threatens the prospect of a removal of many carious teeth. The expectation that people will panic and will do anything for the sake of preserving what is still left.

Old fillings should be replaced only if they have lost integrity or severely faded on top. You also need to distinguish caries from a pigmented enamel that does not need treatment, as if the doctor was trying to convince the patient otherwise.

много кариеса, и все старые пломбы необходимо менять

2 You impose unnecessary manipulation

For example, in the case of braces, there are several necessary stages. First, a complete reorganization of the mouth, i.e. treatment of the whole tooth decay, etc.

Secondly, a mandatory professional cleaning. It is performed prior to the installation of the braces and then in the course of carrying every three months. A doctor who wants to earn more, you may request that the patient passed her every month. This most often is not necessary.

Thirdly, be sure to x-rays for successful treatment.

Fourth, create and install the briquettes.

Finally, in the fifth, after their withdrawal comes a retention period - the time during which you need to wear retainers to fix the result and to the bone tissue formed around the teeth in the new position.

During these stages rarely occur additional costs. In the interval between x-ray study and installation of braces the patient can try to breed for non-existent treatment of periodontitis or gingivitis. Of course, if such diseases are present, they must be cured. But sometimes the patient discovers that there is no periodontitis had not, only after you have access to another doctor.

Another trick, which is used if the patient wants to put aesthetic and expensive braces — for example, sapphire or combined, is the imposition of a teeth whitening before installation. Supposedly so the braces will look even more beautiful. It is fundamentally wrong - because while wearing braces plaque deposition will be much higher than without braces that will bring in a sense bleaching to zero.

But the holding remineralization prior to wearing braces is important and useful. If the enamel is weak, it will help to strengthen it and reduce the risk of tooth decay, because hygiene with braces is difficult.

проведение реминерализации перед ношением брекетов

3, You offer "the best" (and most expensive) implants, but no guarantee

Implantation is another procedure, where it is difficult to pull out of the client more than you have in reality. But there are loopholes. For example, the most expensive implants are those for which the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty. If you are offered an implant at the same price, but do not guarantee that it will stand a lifetime, then the cost should be lower.

самые дорогие импланты

How to deal with divorce for money in dentistry?

  • It is better to choose the dentist on the recommendation of friends, colleagues or relatives whose opinions you trust. If they use the clinic's services and satisfied with everything, including the price, is the best option. If there are no friends, it is better to spend a little time and study the various reviews and opinions on several clinics.
  • During diagnosis, the doctor must strictly substantiate the diagnosis and to demonstrate to the patient where and what the problem is. Optimal for this intraoral camera. It gives an increase to 56 times, and the patient with their own eyes see the smallest details of its cavities or the old fillings depressurization. To demonstrate hidden problems apply the x-ray studies or 3D studies.
  • Visualization is carried out not only before treatment, but after that the patient could appreciate the quality of work in the same 56-fold increase. Then, of course, he will compare the accuracy of fit, smoothness and no gaps new seals with the old and may make a decision about its replacement.
  • The warranty is also good insurance against fraud. Provided that the patient complies with all recommendations of the doctor, caring for his teeth, don't forget about professional cleaning every six months, the standard warranty period — not less than 2 years. However, even if a physician does not guarantee, according to the law on the protection of the rights of consumers it is still valid for at least a year, unless you signed a written notice of the treatment without a guarantee. Be vigilant and read that sign.
  • What are the normal service life of dental structures? To seal — at least 2 years; if you had used the premium materials, that not less than 6 years. On average, the lifespan of the seals is 5 years, crowns — 7-10 years, depending on materials, removable denture — 5 years. As for the implant, the lifespan can be a lifetime.
  • There are also international warranty given by the manufacturer on its products: veneers, crowns, implants. In this case, you will be able in any country of the world during the warranty period to receive assistance to repair or troubleshoot any problems until you replace the veneer or crown. Then you will only pay for the work of the doctor.

Be healthy!