Everyone knows about good dental care habits.

And what about the harmful ones? Our TOP-5 bad habits have already been compiled. And yours?


When we are overwhelmed by negative emotions, we often clench our fists and teeth. And such actions harm our tooth enamel. This habit also speeds up tooth brushing. So you can count to 10, breathe more fresh air and include good music.


This habit can damage your teeth.

Gnaw carrots and apples. They are definitely more useful than stationery and roasted seeds.


Do you really want white teeth? Then control the amount of coffee you drink, rinse your mouth after eating and quit smoking. Bleaching pastes can wear away the enamel with prolonged use, which will lead to increased sensitivity of your teeth.


One tooth brushing is often not enough. To accurately clean your teeth from plaque, use rinses.


Even if your teeth do not hurt, your dentist is a must. Because often you do not see the problem, but it already exists.


The diet of a healthy smile

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

After all, they contain the most important trace elements for a healthy smile. Here is a short list:

calcium: dairy products, leafy greens, seafood and fish

phosphorus: fish, nuts, eggs

Vitamin A: meat, poultry, dairy products, carrots, sweet peppers, persimmons

Vitamin C: apples, citrus fruits, cabbage, as well as greens and berries

vitamin D: fish, shrimp, egg yolk

Implant history

There is no place for intuition in modern medicine. Exclusively scientific research, innovative approaches and objective achievements.

Straumann has been on these three whales for over 60 years. And on four key dates in the company's history that helped it become a leader:

- the middle of the XX century. - created the world's first titanium implant and founded the Straumann Institute

- 1974 - production of implants for the whole world began

- 1997 - technologies such as SLAs are used in the development of implants (which, for example, halves the healing period after treatment)

- 2009 - patented Roxolid alloy, which is 35% stronger than titanium

To choose Straumann is to make a smart move in favor of a full life. Let's build a competent health strategy together!


Roxolid alloy

Straumann manufactures implants from the patented titanium-zirconium alloy Roxolid. What does this mean for the patient? Durability. Roxolid is 35% stronger than titanium.

Rapid engraftment. The survival rate of titanium is 96.8%. Research confirms that Roxolid increases by two percent to 98.4%.

Reducing the cost and duration of treatment. Almost half of the patients artificially build up bone tissue, which is an additional burden on the body. Roxolid alloy allows the use of a smaller diameter implant and in 54% of cases to avoid bone augmentation surgery. The diameter of the implant is only 3.3 mm. For the patient, this means minimal surgery and rapid healing.

Discuss with your dentist what pre-implant interventions should be performed in your case and whether they can be avoided with Straumann implants.


Lifetime warranty on Straumann implants

We give a guarantee for life, because there are three things we are sure of:

Patented Roxolid alloy. It is 35% stronger than titanium and allows the use of smaller implants.

SLActive surface. Thanks to which engraftment is twice as fast and surgical intervention is minimized.

Choice of №1 worldwide among all implants. For doctors, patients and scientists.

The next step towards a healthy and beautiful smile is yours.

When choosing Straumann, you choose confidence in the strength of the implants and the long-term availability of the components.

Straumann provides a lifetime warranty on implants if they need to be replaced. Regardless of changes in models, design and technology, the company provides the necessary elements to maintain each implant. If you need to remove an implant, Straumann provides you with a new one for free.

More than 60 years of experience and representations in more than 70 countries of the world convince you that you will not be left without help, wherever you are and no matter how much time has passed after the operation.

Ask your doctor about other benefits of Straumann and make informed choices in favor of your health.


SLActive surface

What affects the recovery rate of patients after implantation?

At the micro level, implants have a porous surface, which guarantees fast and high-quality engraftment. Straumann's unique patented SLActive surface: ⠀

▪ stimulates healing processes

▪ improves bone circulation

▪reduces inflammation

▪ speeds up the form


Thanks to its chemical properties, SLActive® accelerates the implant engraftment process. Healing time is halved, which allows you to get a permanent crown faster so you can confidently laugh, talk and kiss.

Questions remain - contact your dentist.


Have fun with Straumann

Sometimes we are afraid to be alone with them. Yes, we are again about dentists.

We tell the truth and explain why the canceled visit is harmful to your health.

Remember! Tolerate pain is a bad decision. You can make an appointment with a dentist right now and finally forget about the problems.

Dentists will not harm you with treatment. On the contrary, the sooner you find out about the condition of your teeth, the sooner you will start treating them. But the treatment of teeth by folk methods is not a way out, but just a game with your health and a waste of time.

A visit to the dentist is not expensive. But only if you constantly take care of the condition of your mouth and do not delay the meeting with your dentist to the last.

You have already passed or decided to have a tooth implant. In both cases, it is a courageous act and a concern for one's health. So congratulations and we want to give some recommendations for recovery.

Such an important step involves fatigue and stress. So give yourself a chance to rest on this day and at least one after - take sick leave or vacation.

In Straumann, all processes are honed. Therefore, we do not expect problems with unbearable pain. But we are devoting one hundred percent time to psychological recovery.

Stay calm, get some sleep, please yourself with something pleasant. Mark the day on your calendar when you made a smart move in your Straumann health strategy.


I had a tooth removed! And when will we put the implant?

If you are also worried about this extremely important issue, you should read the following.

Previously, many doctors in Ukraine were inclined to believe that implant placement should take place only 2 or 3 months after tooth extraction.

Doctors told their patients that during this time the hole heals completely and the bone does not have time to atrophy.

Yes, of course, this approach to implant intervention is still used by most doctors ?

But the world is changing.

Patients require prompt treatment that can save both nerves and precious time.

That is why many doctors now use Straumann implants in their practice

▪️the highest percentage of engraftment

▪️Life guarantee

▪️quality, time-tested

▪️result even in severe clinical cases


How to dare to implant?

To dare to implant, you should get as much information.

First, learn all about the clinic's profile and the doctor's specialization. The longevity of the implant and the quality of the procedure depend on his experience and competence.

In Ukraine, 450+ doctors work with Straumann implants and are guaranteed to provide comprehensive advice on preparation for the procedure.

Second, choose the implant meticulously. More trust in implant brands with a long history of success. For example, Straumann implants were created in Switzerland. They are used up to 60 times more often than implants from other manufacturers.

By choosing Straumann, you will understand that you are investing in your health, because scientists have been working on the quality of your future tooth for decades.

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