Straumann implants in Kyiv

For many years dental implants Straumann are the most popular in the world.Special attention to medical science, continuous improvement of technology, Swiss quality, wide range and always flexible prices contributed to the fact that today the name Straumann associated with the quality standard of modern dental implantology.

In Sweden in 2013 was conducted by the largest independent research in the history of dentistry. In this study, we analyzed and summarized the clinical cases over 9 years, which confirm that the manufacturer of dental implants is an important factor affecting the success of treatment. In the study, the increased survival rate of the implants was very high – 96,4% (only studied 11 311 implants). The Straumann implants were lost only in exceptional cases – in the 2-60 times less than other brands.

The survival rates of the implant is affected by the material from which it is made and the implant surface, its shape and connection to the dental crown.

Unique alloy ROXOLID

Straumann makes implants from proprietary titanium-zirconium alloy Roxolid. Scientific studies have shown that the replacement of titanium on Roxolid already high rate of survival (an average of about 96.8 per cent) increased by nearly two percentage points to 98.4%. The Roxolid alloy stronger than titanium 35 %. Almost half of patients have an insufficient thickness of the jaw bone, so you have to artificially build up the bone tissue, which increases the cost and duration of treatment. Alloy allows the use of a Roxolid implant of smaller diameter, and in 54% of cases to avoid surgery to build bone, reducing the degree of intervention in the human body, as well as sustenna reducing costs and treatment time.

A unique implant surface — SLACTIVE

At the micro level Straumann implants have a porous surface SLA, which, as studies have shown, ensures faster and better healing of the implant. Currently, it has become the gold standard of implant production. In order to improve the company Straumann has developed and patented a chemically active surface SLActive and raised the bar of implant survival to unprecedented heights.

The SLActive implant stimulates the healing process, improves blood flow to bone tissue, reduces inflammation and accelerates bone formation.

All of the above in two times reduces the period of engraftment of the implant (to the month) and increases the chance of healing up to 99-100% even in complex cases.
Patients that immediately after surgery you want to bet on the implant though, the temporary crown is also necessary to choose the implant SLActive – studies show that the SLActive поверхности8 due to the risk of complications when the load on the implant immediately after the installation is halved.

Manufacturer you can trust

The Swiss company Straumann is the world's largest manufacturer of dental implants. Being the founder of dental implantology and having not one patent, produces excellent Straumann dental implants and has over 40 years of returns smiles to millions of people around the world. The Straumann company cooperates with more than 150 universities, and the reliability of the implants is confirmed by more than 3000 scientific studies.

Straumann representative offices located in more than 70 countries, so wherever you go and whatever happens, there will always be a dentist, working with the Straumann implant system, and will be able to help you.

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